Thursday, October 30, 2014


 Happy Halloween. Any Plans?
Am worn out and have zero else to report.
Anything you wish to share?

Monday, October 27, 2014

The Rachel Zoe Lunch in Brisbane.

The Rachel Zoe lunch was excellent! She looked beautiful, was down to earth and charming, our table was filled with lovely girls and the people watching was 11/10.
She was wearing a black maxi dress and a gold jacket, is devoted to her kids, says she never has to work at her marriage (Rodger was there too) and dreams about styling people
She's obsessed with the 60s and 70s, the next big thing in clothing will be fringing and lace, her ultimate icon is Brigitte Bardot and she's inspired by Oscar de la Renta, Tom Ford, Marc Jacobs and Diane von Furstenberg
This is me with my gorgeous friend A. She wore Temperly and Valentino, I'm in Asos and wheeled out those 5 year old Manolos.
My photos are rubbish so you'll have to take my word that Old RZ looked great
The former Lennons Hotel is now called Next and has a roof top pool. Look:
How nice is this Valentino leopard coat?
 Luff this Machessa caftan thing too. You just know Rachel would approve
 Going to be in the mid 30s today. The poor garden. Thank God it's been heavily mulched.
Nice cover
 Doesn't this couture exhibition in Adelaide look good?
 Want to read this:
 Nice frock on Old Kate
 Maitai's doing pink scarf rings. Excellent.
 And Renee looks different.
Put the Christmas Tree up yesterday. Took me and my team of elves 5 hours including snack breaks.
Stay Hydrated.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

I saw Princess Anne

 So yesterday, I was in a taxi going along Roma Street at about 5.50 pm racing to collect the last child left at the Orphanage when I realised that Princess Anne was in the next lane. That's right People. 
The Princess Royal Herself.
There were 2 black Range Rovers with flag thingies on the bonnets. We were parallel all the way til the start of Milton Road. What are the odds? 
I luff her. She's always been the Hardest Working Royal and done her bit for charity.
 Meanwhile, what the hell is happening in Canada? Just terrible.
 First hippeastrum has bloomed. I believe these were originally from the garden of Auntie Ida, my Dad's late Godmother.
 Embraced Halloween Theming  (being a Joiner and All) and bought these pumpkins at the newly renovated  fancy Woolies at Paddington. 
I don't want to give anyone a stroke but they have new fancy pants trolleys with Coffee Holders (!) and where the bakery used to be, there's a coffee shop thingy. I know. 
It was a Through the Looking Glass Moment. 
For the uninitiated this supermarket was like London circa 1944 and hasn't been updated since 1989. 
 Grew these babies form seed:
 Anna Spiro's house is in Country Style-
 Cushion Envy!
 Said yes to a sort of Thai chicken thing
 Actioned some coconut rice
 Hello Darling
Rachel Zoe lunch tomorrow. Goody.

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