Friday, August 22, 2014


 My sister and I took our children to visit my Grandfather. He has camellias that he planted about 60 years ago
All this rain's good for the garden.
Keep it together.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Winners! Presents! Beaded Garments!

 The Festival of Leo came to an abrupt halt when we all got sick. 
I know.
So boring, so exhausting. Couldn't even haul myself out of bed to go to a movie on Sunday.
Here's a snap of me when I still had my health:
 I was channeling a lion's mane. Literally.
If you need a $10 bunch of supermarket flowers get to Woolies quick smart
 My sister will be here soon and because she's my Decluttering Muse I took this lot to the Salvos.
 What a relief. And because my life is Non Stop Glamour, I've also cleaned the microwave, the fridge, the pantry and all the kitchen cupboards and drawers. Am on what can only be described as Hardcore Decluttering Fire.
Even stuck all the kindy photos from 2012 and 2013 into this album:
Happy Birthday Madonna for last week. Nice frock.
And good work with the sequins Lauren
 So last night I threw on these beaded garments:
 And hotfooted it to Styling You's Book Launch for Unlock your Style.
It was at the Black Cat bookshop but that place'll always be Mary Ryan to me.
All the Big Names turned up.
And the winner of my Festival of Leo is Gloria who never wears sequins and whose late husband was a Leo. Congrats G, just leave a comment with your address and I'll post the 2 new season Red Phoenix necklaces and the last vestige of my youth to you. Thanks for commenting- luffed reading all of them.
I'm baking a cinnamon tea cake.
Nothing else to report except Silk's back on tonight. Goody. That Martha is the absolute Best.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Ongoing Festival of Leo.

This Festival of Leo requires Hardcore Discipline and Stamina. Thank God it only happens once a year because it's kind of exhausting and I'm looking forward to a quiet night in. I know.
I don't know who I am anymore either.
Wore Marchesa to Montrachet.
 These scallops and truffles were 1 billion/10.
Said Yes to the sand crab soufflé with lobster bisque
Had lunch with my fellow Leos (Happy Birthday L!)
Wore a sort of 1920s tassel dress to dinner at Il Posto with my girlfriends.
2/3 family members got sick but everyone's made a Miraculous Recovery. Thank God.
Read this at about 3am this morning-
Today was a Public Holiday so lunch at the Brekky Creek was in order
Said yes to Pucci and sequins. And I'm loving my new tassel Red Phoenix necklace sick. It's part of my giveaway, so don't forget to enter by leaving a comment.
 Robin Williams's daughter's tribute was beautiful. I want to watch Dead Poet's  Society again.
Lauren Bacall died too. Because I am the Keeper of the Fables, I want to remind you all of the lyrics from a song from the very early 80s called Key Largo-
We had it all, just like Bogey and Bacall, starring in our own late late show, sailing way to Key Largo.
Keep it together and keep leaving me comments if you can be bothered because I luff reading them. 

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