Saturday, July 30, 2016

Sydney and other Attractive Things.

See this Lily Pulitzer fabric? I'm having it made into a teeny tiny cushion.
Fingers and Toes it works out how I want it to.
Meanwhile we are finally under the sign of Leo.
Happy Birthday to the most loyal and hair obsessed people on earth.
I hope you're showered with love and a huge fuss is made.
Here are some snaps of our whistle stop visit to Sydney.
We had the best time and enjoyed what can only be described as Superior People watching.
This was at the Chiswick:
This pineapple bombe Alaska arrangement was 11/10:
Look it's Easton Pearson in the Archibald-
Cue the EP tunic visuals:
This was the winner-
Loved these bromeliads-
My favourite landscape in the Wynne by Lucy Culliton-
Had the best lunch at Catalina with my 2 favourite humans. 
In Domestic News the Universe has been directing me to poach quinces and bake them into cakes.
As ever, I do as I'm told.
Got my mitts on some heavily discounted Frette linens and frankly, I've never been happier.
In a Linen Sense.
In book news I'm just finished Alain de Botton's The course of Love and thought it was fantastic. I wish he was my real life friend. Also read the Road to Ruin about Tony Abbot and Peta Credlin after seeing it on The Book Club as a "book that divides dinner parties".
In movie news I saw the Italian movie God Willing and enjoyed it. An atheist heart surgeon is shocked to learn his only son wants to become a priest. The family apartment and family themselves are all drop dead gorgeous. 3 stars. Enjoy.
The world has gone mad at the moment and there is frightening violence at home and overseas on every scale.
When will it all end?
Am I the only one who can't get the song from the Kettering Incident out of my head?
Stay Safe.
And motivated.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Bastille Day 2016.

Happy Bastille Day! My table's set and the cassoulet's almost ready. Do you know how hard it was to find a duck around these here parts?
Technically, it's an Inauthentic Cassoulet, but who wants to be Technical?
In the Spirit of Waste not Want Not, I've used up my left over bread to make breadcrumbs to shove on top. 
Liberty! Fraternity! Equality! And Decent Silk Scarves, Souffles, Croissants, and Champagne for All!
Let's re-live the Bastille Day/Miscellaneous French Stuff Dream with a stroll down Memory Lane:
Gee that Spode's come in handy
Luffing this cold weather sick? Me too. So cosy.
Stay Grateful and Productive.