Sunday, March 29, 2015

Dior and I.

My girlfriends and I saw Dior and I today. It's a doco about Raf Simon's 1st couture collection for Dior in 2012 and I luffed it sick. Sick I tell you! We all did. The seamstresses who make the clothes are amazing. They have "Golden Hands" and stitch like angels. You get to see Christian Dior's garden too which is chock full of blowsy roses. 5 stars People! Run Don't Walk. You won't be sorry.
Raf seemed quite calm up until the end when he gets very emotional. You will too.
 The making of those flower walls was amazing. It's a bit sad too because you can see L'Wren Scott sitting in the front row in a cute yellow dress. Poor L'Wren.
In my own flower news look how gorgeous my seduction roses look:
After all that Fashion we needed Food:
Meanwhile, In Important Nail Polish News (like there's any other) I'm loving this slow to chip stuff from Sally Hansen:
It came with a top coat but I never use it. Time being of the essence and all.
I still have no idea who makes this embroidered tulip fabric. Some people think it might be Manuel Canovas. Anyone? Anyone? Anyone at All?
Someone must know.
Need to poach these Darlings. Maybe tomorrow.
My cordyline's about to flower! Goody.
Say what you will about Florence Broadhurst bedding it is deadset attractive and irons up a treat.
In Princess News I'm loving this snap from the Rose Ball:
I like this Mulberry coat:
And Old Mary gets better with age.
By God she keeps herself Thin.
This is a photo from Carolyne Roehm's Blog which I love. Probably because of the candle sticks and that big bronze pot thing. Those are wooden floors painted to look like marble you know. Clever.
I'm reading I'll Drink to That by Betty Halbreich slowly because frankly, I don't want it to end.
I'm loving the description of life in New York in the 50s and 60s. She spent time in a mental institution after her marriage ended and is a true survivor.
Gorgeous at any age.
This is Janet's rose garden in California. Isn't it pretty?
Just watched the Melbourne Housewives.
So many confrontations, so much Big Hair.
Righto, I'm off to google the Kon Mari method of folding to see if it'll work harmoniously with my ironing mania. 

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Good Things.

Can I just give a shout out and say a  Big Thank You to Old Heidi who accurately identified my stunt pillowcase fabric as Pierre Frey. Luckily for me, your high end fabric scholarship knows no bounds! Thank you. And Hooray!
Meanwhile, in exciting Decluttering News, my gorgeous friend C gave me this excellent book:
I cannot wait to read it. You know that I do my best work in an organised, tidy, clutter free home. So hopefully I'll learn a thing or two. Thanks C. It was the perfect gift. Cue the Organising Visuals!
Channeled my sister this week, the one who lives in Hong Kong and only wears black and white. Look:
I miss Honkers so much. If only I was at Zuma right this second. Cue the Zuma Visuals!
And because my love of war history knows no bounds, I wish I was in London so I could hot foot it to the Imperial War Museum and see Fashion on the Ration all about war time fashion (thanks to the reader who told me about this). 
Cue the London skyline Visual!
The Imperial War Museum (one of my favourite London Museums- it's right up there with the Churchill War Cabinet Rooms and the V and A) website has lots of great war wedding dress stories which made me look to see if I could find a photo of my Dad's parent's wedding in 1943. I couldn't. More's the pity. I know my Grandma was given rations to buy the fabric for her dress and then she gave it to another bride to wear. 
Those two never had much money but By God they were Sharp Dressers. Look:
 So smart, so chic. Even on the beach.
Thanks to all the rain, the FF Garden is kind of covering itself in Glory
And my porcelain gingers are going berserk. Goody.
I'd like to get some urn type thingies for the garden. These gorgeous ones are from my favourite garden,  the one with a beautiful soul, Kiftsgate-
They'd be good. I hope I get back to Kiftsgate one day, because it's perfect.
This type'o'thing'd work a treat too:
It's from Sissinghurst.
Those brick walls were magical.
If Willow or Lotus is reading I'm out of Sandra's eggplant pickle.
I know. 
I'm devastated too.
Poor Me.
Can you help?
And Stephen Andrew (Hairdresser to the Stars and King of the Base Tease), have you seen the height of my 40 year old doll's nylon hair?
It rivals my own nylon hair arrangement for height and texture:
And I don't know about the rest of you but I am Hardcore Addicted to Antique Roadshow. I like the jewellery segments the best. The other day some lady was told her diamond necklace inherited from a relative was mid century Boucheron. Can you imagine?
Wish it'd cool down so I could wheel out a scarf. it's 35 degrees for God's sake. In late March.
Am watching the news about the plane that crashed in the Alps. So very sad.
Stay Brave.

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