Saturday, October 18, 2014

Heavily Discounted Camilla Caftans.

On Thursday night at 5 pm I lined up with the long suffering Mr and my 3 year old at a warehouse at the show grounds for the Camilla sale. 
It was every woman for herself. 
In a heavily- discounted- caftan- arrangement sense.
 In other Brisbane Developments, Forever 21 opened in the mall, Anna Spiro's book launch is this week, they are finally renovating Woollies at Paddington (I know. I can hardly come to terms with it either), the Sunday Snail's going to reveal the most stylish people in the state tomorrow and Rachel Zoe's lunch is on Friday. Goody.
 Can you believe this super market orchid is still going strong?
 Baked a ricotta cheesecake this morning . It's got a massive grand canyon style crack in the middle but no one seems to mind. Thank God.
 Had friends over for breakfast and then gardened, cleaned and ironed like a Maniac. So comforting. Kind of felt like I'd scaled Everest.
Nail polish is well and truly Chipped.
 I've lost a bit of interest in ye olde blog of late but say what you will- it is a handy tool to find out what you were doing Back in The Day. 
This time in 2010 I was in Honkers.
In 2011 I was living the maternity leave dream and waging a bitter war against filthy bush turkeys. They scratched up and destroyed these parsley seedlings:
 In 2012 by this time I'd already actioned my Christmas tree
 And last year I was in Melbourne with my girl friends trying on these eye wateringly 'Spensive pearls. 
Yours for only $88000. 
We're having roast turkey for dinner.
That is all.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

A War on Two Fronts.

 I'm fighting a bitter war on two fronts against aphids and what I think might be some sort of white cabbage moth caterpillar thing that destroys flower buds. It's exhausting. 
But it could always be a lot worse. 
 My pink iceberg rose has started producing white flowers. How? Why?
 And my Italian parsley seedlings are responding well to judicious amounts of liquid fertiliser.
 Some people are jacaranda fans but the flowers fall all over my driveway and turn to sludge as they rot, so there's no love lost.
 And they always remind me of university exams. And not in a good way either.
 I don't want to finish this book. It's dark and horrible and laugh out loud funny in parts. It'll be a tough act to follow.
 I saw The Judge. Ignore the negative reviews- it's a cracking great movie and I loved it. Robert Duvall acts his socks off, so if you're a fan of him and Robert Downey Junior, you'll enjoy it. Solid 4 stars.
 Here's Old Mary channeling Jackie Kennedy in a pill box hat:
 Baked some bread. Might add walnuts next time.
 Hanworth House was open to the public on the weekend. Did you go?
 Here's M who devoted years of her life to restore it.
 It looks nothing like it did the first time I saw it
 And in conclusion, sometimes only gratin will do.
Wasn't that rain good?
Stay Motivated.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Ten Things.

OK we have a lot to catch up on.
Firstly, I saw Advanced Style with my friend A and luffed it. Those women are Inspirational.
They're very focused when it comes to style, fashion, creativity and living life to the full. 
You will love them. 4 stars.
Secondly, I saw Gone Girl with L and G and that was good too. Hadn't read the book and didn't know the story. It's far fetched and implausible but everyone acts their socks off. Plus there's a very attractive lake house you'll be interested in. 3 and a half stars.
Thirdly, my friend B texted me early this morning to remind me that the Target Missoni collaboration thing started today. They didn't have a stripy knit cardy for me (cute ones for little girls though) but I got a nice baby blanket which I might refashion into a cushion and some melamine plates. People were loading up their trolleys and basically buying everything in sight. Seriously.
Fourthly I went to my 25th school reunion (25 years, how is this even possible?) which was really fun. Spookily, everyone looked exactly the same. 
Someone asked if I wore sequins.
Of course.
The food was excellent. Here's a visual of dessert:
Fithly, it is boiling hot here, and inspired by Old Maitai I'm fashioning necklace arrangements out of scarves. Look:
Sixthly, my kid's artistic genius with glitter has to be seen to be believed. I know. The Talent.
 The 7th thing is that my brunfelsia is covered for the 1st time ever in flowers. 
Thank you liquid fertiliser.
 The 8th thing is that the Universe directed me to bake my first ever coconut slice.
 And thank God I did as instructed because it was Delicious
The 9th thing is that I said Yes to a Camilla caftan arrangement.
And the 10th thing is that I am so determined to keep these teeny parsley seedlings alive that every day I channel Jean de Florette minus the rabbits and dreadful neighbours and lug water to them so they will not die. Fingers and Toes.
Anything to add? Enjoy the full moon eclipse thingamy.
And Stay Disciplined.

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