Monday, May 23, 2016

Sisters, Boarding School, Good Food and Nice Outfits.

 My sister was here for her school reunion and we had the best week.
 Popped in to see Old L at Joli Boutique. She looked gorgeous in Pink.
My sister bought this pretty dress-
Love this plant stand. My Mum remembers it being in her Grandmother's house at Derby St at  Highgate Hill in the 1940s. I wish the original pot hadn't broken.
Said yes to yum cha
 And a tiny bit of ex pat shopping
 Popped into Gasworks for sustenance
Actioned some Yeast Cookery
Went on a tour of our Old Boarding school. They have fancied that place up like No One's Business! So many changes. Apparently the food is actually quite delicious now. 
Who knew?
 Sometimes, 27 years after I left I still dream about it.
 The Family that Says Yes to Embellishment Stays Together
 The Moon was spookily attractive. Look:
Sunrise in Brisbane:
 And Sunrise in Hong Kong:
 Miss my sister. 
Boo Hiss to the Tyranny of Distance.
Stay Connected.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Hats, Afternoon Tea and Attractive Flowers.

Afternoon tea divides the masses but I remain a Devoted Fan.
 Say what you will about me I am unafraid to wear a heavily embellished and beaded shift in broad daylight. Live on the Edge People.
B and M always make me my favourite snacks- bruschetta, pesto, spinach leaves, grilled zucchini and Meredith Farm goats cheese (accept no substitutes) baked in an oven. 
Wish I had some now.
Please bring me more.
So so so so good to see beautiful RR (not her real initials) who flew up from Melbourne.
Got her to work pouring champagne.
Obsessed with my divine new Mary Rose Young vase from Happiness Place.
So pretty.
Nothing like 35 girlfriends popping over to spur you into a cleaning and gardening and styling frenzy.
It felt like we were getting the Fuchsiadome ready for sale.
Meanwhile, in Significant Hat News, I popped into Joli Boutique on Racecourse Road the other day to see my gorgeous friend L.
I don't know about the rest of you but nothing makes me happier than a furry leopard print pillbox hat with a pom pom. L's mum D made it and I luff it 11/10.
Cracking good episode of G of T. It was followed by a really good movie where Julianne Moore plays Sarah Palin when she was running for VP of the USA with John McCain. What a story.
I missed the end but that's ok because I know what happened.
One of my favourite people is arriving tonight. Cannot wait!
Stay Sane.