Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Eagle Has Landed.

 On Monday morning I went to the Women's Legal Service White Ribbon Breakfast at the Supreme Court.
My friend M is the first ever ambassador for for WLS and organised a table. Thanks M!
 Rosie Batty spoke. Her son Luke was murdered in February this year by his estranged father at cricket practice.
She's incredibly strong and brave and has devoted her life to speaking out about violence. 
I don't know how she goes on.
In other worrying news I woke up to find that the charger cord of my apple has smouldered during the night. Look:
I am so grateful it didn't cause a fire and I will never charge a computer or phone overnight again.
 Finally it's raining. Hooray. Bad for my hair but good for the garden.
 Luff these pencils from H SO MUCH!
And in an Eagle has landed moment, M, who lives in Geneva, sent me the Bunny Mellon catalogue!
So exciting!
Turns out Bunny loved a bee brooch too.
This cocktail charm bract is pretty cute. It even has lemon peel. Look:
Sugar Haters and Vegetarians had better avert their eyes because I got busy with the Ham Handling and glazed and baked a Ham. Look:

N took this photo of the Claridges tree. Good coverage.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Bunny Mellon's Auction and Other Stuff.

 Sometimes, only Forchids will Do.
 Can't wait to read this book that P sent me
 Everyone's hopping on the coffee scrub band wagon, and I am nothing, if not a Joiner. 
So far so good. Who's with me?
 I escaped the heat and saw This is where I leave you today. It's a nice little movie but wasn't as good as I hoped it'd be given all the Big Names in it. 3 stars. I can't remember if I told you that I saw My Old Lady last week. I had really high hopes for it but I was very disappointed. 2 stars.
 Went to Lady Chatterley's Affair's Christmas Soiree at T's gorgeous home with the lovely A
 And in International News Maitai has designed some pretty necklaces with tassels. Look:
And in other International News I've been fascinated by the auction of Bunny Mellon's jewels.
This diamond went to a Hong Kong buyer for an eye watering $32 million. Say what you will about Old Bunny she collected a lot of stuff. Like solid gold compacts. And bee brooches. And gardenalia.
She even had a solid gold comb.
Unsurprisingly, she was a Leo ( 9 August). 
Here's old Lee Radziwell  checking out the lots:
 I wonder what Bunny would've made of it all?
 Nothing else to report. Except the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are back.

Monday, November 17, 2014


Remember this old Camilla Beach House caftan frock arrangement? Well I wheeled it out today to action some grocery shopping and meet my friend T for a coffee.
In garden news, my aggies are coming into flower:
And M gave me 30 bromeliad pups on the weekend. Goody! Nothing better than free plants. I've shoved them in the garden so fingers and toes they strike and don't get dug up by any filthy marauding bush turkeys.
It was 40, yes 40 degrees yesterday. With about a billion percent humidity.
I cannot describe the speed with which my makeup slid off my poor old face.
Met the kindy mums for lunch at Shouk. If you go there, order this refreshing minty icy drink.
You won't be sorry. Because is is Delicious.
Meanwhile, Mrs Danvers, (my fictitious housekeeper who I stole from the de Winters of Manderley) has been buying up big on the outnet.
She's purchased this $5000 Valentino frock down from $17000:
I know. She'll look amazing in it. 
Facebook is awash with photos like this of the Beast driving Mr Obama across the river to G20
And here's something you don't see everyday- Mr Putin being driven past Top Shop on Elizabeth St. 
Feel free to share any of your own G20 celeb sightings.
Said Yes to Polka Dots
And red polish (OPI's Big Apple Red)
And to Bee Bangles
And to old school patent YSL clutches
Nice to see Old Kate actioning an updo
And how good does Old Mary look here?
In Food News, Mr FF cooked a fabulous Mussel lunch.
And thank you to R for letting me know that season 2 of this just started on BBC first on foxtel. 
Scary and disturbing but so so Good. 
Apparently the bloke who plays the serial killer is a real life model.
Happy Monday People. 

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