Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Kate's here!

 Kate Wills and George are all on Australian soil and Kate's looking the Business in Yellow.
So cheering.
 Her hair really is 11/10
Meanwhile, you know how I luff and endorse leopard print as a Neutral? (Cue the Leopard Visuals)
Well Maitai (Creative Polyglot and highly skilled scarf and pavlova expert whose style and Hermes Scholarship know no bounds) has generously devoted a whole post to Leopard print in response to a comment I made a while back. I know. I was loving it sick too. You can read it here. 
Look how good she looks:
 In local news I got home from the Coalface and raced into Woolies and purchased stuff to whip up some béchamel and make a sand crab lasagne for the family. I know. 
It was the last word in Comfort. Thank God there are left overs.
Tonight Zsa Zsa phoned me and crystallised some Easter Plans. Goody. Some People call it Feaster because the food really is just so so Good.
Loved all the funny Polyglot comments on the last post. You people do make me laugh.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Creative Polyglot.

Old Kanye isn't the only Creative Polyglot you know. Kate looks sensational speaking the International Language of Red Suit.
Diana always rocked a red suit. Loved this red and green arrangement she wore on her first trip to Wales. I remember the skirt was pleated. All that Youth!
It's difficult to explain to the younger players just what a Star Diana was.
I remember years ago when Kate first came on the scene an old school royal journo said she was no Diana and didn't have her star factor but I think she does. 
And I think Diana would have loved her.
Brunch at the New Farm deli's always good.
Mr FF spoke the International Language of Superior Cooking when he made this Killer 11/10 sand crab pasta
  Mum's here! Hooray! 
She fluently speaks the International Language of Grandma.
And she's conversational in Toddler Wrangling. So handy.
 Yay for Chanel's Holiday polish
 Bought this nice top from Sidewalk in Given Tce after it spoke to me in Heavily Discounted Bargain dialect 
 Vegetarians Look Away now! Because I decided on a slow roasted pork belly for dinner. Rested it on a soothing bed of apple quince onion and rosemary
 Hello Darling.
 Hello Vegetables
You already know that I speak Fluent Carb.  (Sorry Low Carb Dieters and Dr Atkins)
So I baked these lemon potatoes. In chicken stock. With oregano. So comforting.
I also creatively speak the International Language of Baked cheesecake:
 Loving the rain? Me too. So good for the garden
Excellent episode of Game of Thrones but very grisly…Couldn't really concentrate on Mad Men but I'm glad it's back too. 
 Got some fun things to read. In English (my 1st language). Goody.
 Cracker episode of Australian Story tonight.
I reckon we should all hop on the Creative Polyglot Bandwagon. May as well.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Weekend and More of Kate.

I don't know about the rest of you, but I am luffing this weekend sick.
Don't lie awake at night wondering about the name of this lipstick. It's Mac's Candy Yum Yum.
Had brunch with my sister and my girlfriends at the Bowls Club at Red Hill near the Broncos yesterday
They do a killer ham cheese and tomato toastie
Blue Sapphire's always pretty isn't it?
We still endorse Matching.
Had a nice shop along Given Tce. Gee the people who work in Bed Bath and Table and Olive Home are nice. Worryingly, I am informed that metered parking is going to be installed along Given Tce. 
I reckon if you can prove you've already paid your dues on the 375 bus service you should be exempt.
My American Vogue arrived
Kanye is described as a "creative polyglot". In case you don't believe me I took a photo. 
You know how I like a navy blazer and a stripy top?
Turns out Kate does too! Luff this Zara get up-
And this Erdem coat arrangement:
And this outfit is pretty cute:
Love that colour. Reminds me of this dress:
Made some more cauliflower soup. Went in hard with the delicious pecorino cheese that has pepper corns in it.
Remember this el cheapo dress form the Eagle Farm markets? 
Wheeled it out last night for dinner with the Ws.
Can't wait for Scarf Weather.
So handy for disguising a collapsing throat
Vegetarians Look Away! Because it might be time to roast some pork belly.
Happy Sunday People.

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